Environmental & Social Information Portal

Nord Stream 2 is committed to complying with its Environmental and Social Policies and the standards of applicable international financial institutions. These include the International Finance Corporation’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards, the associated World Bank guidelines, Equator Principles, and the environmental and social requirements of export credit agencies that wish to become lenders to the project.

This site outlines our commitments to meeting the IFC's eight Performance Standards (PS), providing key documentation for further reference. These documents include supplements to the national Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for each country touched by the project, to ensure that the pipeline is developed in accordance with lenders' requirements. Among them are supplemental lenders' information documents, including the project's environmental and social management system and programmes, which have been developed to meet the above requirements. Disclosure of this information augments materials already presented to project stakeholders through Nord Stream 2’s extensive pre-construction engagement and the associated EIA consultations and disclosures. 

For more details on the project, please visit our corporate website.