Environmental & Social Management

Nord Stream 2 has developed an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS). Its key elements are captured in our Health, Safety, Environmental and Social Management System (HSES MS) Manual, which outlines elements such as policy, aspects and hazards, objectives and targets, operational control requirements, management of non-conformities, and management review.

Within this framework, company activities are directed by an overarching HSES Policy and a set of additional policies, which together set the high-level requirements and expectations for the project. These policies  are aligned with the eight IFC Performance Standards as follows:

  • Approach to Environmental and Social Management
  • Labour and Working Conditions Policy
  • Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention Policy
  • Community Health, Safety and Security Policy
  • Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement Policy
  • Biodiversity Management Policy
  • Indigenous Peoples Policy
  • Cultural Heritage Management Policy  

Nord Stream 2 is committed to meeting not only national and international legal and regulatory requirements, but also the requirements of international finance institutions and specifically the IFC Performance Standards, the World Bank General EHS Guidelines and the Equator Principles. This commitment is embedded in the above policies and through a Project Standards Document (all documents mentioned available below). Management of the E&S impacts and risks identified through the Environmental and Social process, in line with the adopted project standards, is ensured through the implementation of an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP). For the construction phase of the project, the ESMP comprises:  For the construction phase of the project, the ESMP comprises:

  • A framework ESMP document that describes the overall approach, including how it links to the wider ESMS, the Project Standards Document, roles and responsibilities of Nord Stream 2 and its contractors, and the approach to compliance assurance.
  • A suite of activity-specific management plans available below that specify the relevant E&S controls that are handed down to contractors within individual work scopes. Implementation of the plans is ensured through contractual formalities and Nord Stream 2's audit and monitoring programmes.

The ESMP will be further developed for the operational phase in due course.

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