Labour & Working Conditions

Performance Standard 2 aims to maintain safe and healthy environment for those working on the project.

The assessment of labour or working conditions is not required by the national Environmental Impact Assessments for the EU countries through whose waters the pipeline passes: Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. However, applicable national and international legislation is expected to meet or exceed the requirements of this performance standard, which is passed on to our contractors through our contractual documents. The updated Social Impact Assessment for Germany demonstrates that we are avoiding the potential for conflicts with tourists through engagement with local tourism and accommodation sector stakeholders, in addition to the selection of accommodation away from beaches and in locations considered less attractive to tourists.

Many of the requirements for this performance standard are adequately captured in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, however there is no requirement for a grievance mechanism. Nevertheless, we have included a grievance mechanism requirement in all bidding and contractual documents, auditing contractors for compliance. Local employment in Russia will be undertaken in line with the Russian Labour Code. In addition, we have developed an approach to local content, defined as value added by the local community, such as employment and goods and services. This approach includes the completion of a questionnaire by contractors to demonstrate their intentions regarding this matter. Worker accommodation meets IFC requirements and reflects good international industry practice as outlined in the tender documents and will be verified through audits of the facilities. A grievance mechanism for the worker camp construction contractor has been established and implemented.

With regards to associated facilities, we endeavour to support the alignment with the performance standards and are engaging with Gazprom Invest on the external financing requirements to which we are subject.

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