Land Acquisition & Involuntary Resettlement

Performance Standard 5 aims to prevent involuntary resettlement and economic displacement or to mitigate related impacts through compensatory measures.

The onshore project facilities in both Russia and Germany entail limited land acquisition, within which no physical displacement and consequently no Resettlement Action Plan is required. Land acquisition in Russia is being undertaken on a willing seller / willing buyer basis and follows the requirements in our policy. We do, however, acknowledge that restricted access to offshore fishing grounds may occur and therefore prepared a Fisheries Livelihood Plan for the offshore areas.

Onshore in Germany we have devised an eco-compensation scheme to meet the concerns of stakeholders and reduce impacts to agricultural land through focusing on improving water quality and the ecological conditions of water bodies in the Bay of Greifswald, which has been approved by the German authorities (seeĀ Biodiversity Management).

Impacts to fisheries are unlikely to be significant offshore. However, we have developed a comprehensive overarching Fisheries Livelihood Plan that sets out potential impacts and calculates compensation in all nine countries that have shorelines in the Baltic Sea, and not just those with a section of the pipeline in their waters. The report notes that while there will be some disturbance and inconvenience caused to the fisheries, no impacts on catch and no consequences to livelihood or quality of life are expected, which is also in line with the measured effects of the first Nord Stream project.

Though compensation rights are lacking in the national laws of several countries, we undertook negotiations with professional fishing associations in each country, with the exception of Russia, where compensation is paid to the regulator in charge of fisheries. Agreements have been concluded with several of the fishery associations for the Baltic Sea countries. In addition, the national EIAs identified further mitigation that has been incorporated into the Environmental and Social Management System.

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